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Mono Solar Panenl 100W

 投稿者:jameyhsu  投稿日:2014年 1月23日(木)15時59分21秒

Mono Solar Panenl 100W

Product Specifications/Features:
  SolarPeace is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance solar products for both residential and commercial. We are committed to providing the world with clean and renewable energy to ease the energy shortages and reduce the environmental effects of human activities.

  S Our products and manufacturing processes are fully compliant with product safety and EMS requirements, including TUV/IEC61215 and 61730, CSA/UL1703,MCS,CE and ISO9001:2008. Additionally, we have implemented best practices to protect the environment and conserve energy.



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reduce environmental impact

 投稿者:jameyhsu  投稿日:2014年 1月20日(月)17時00分38秒

Connecticut residents who made a New Year's resolution to reduce their environmental impact may be getting a boost without even realizing it. On December 23, 2013, a 5-megawatt AC (7.4MW DC) installation of high-reliability Kyocera solar modules began commercial operations at Somers, Conn., providing enough annual generating capacity to offset the power needs of approximately 5,000 homes.

The Somers project is the latest that Kyocera has developed and financed in the United States. "Kyocera solar modules have earned a reputation for being some of the most efficient and reliable in the industry, built on our 38 years of experience in manufacturing photovoltaic energy solutions," said Steve Hill, president of Kyocera Solar Inc.

"Based on that history, we know Kyocera modules can be counted on to continue yielding high energy output for the 20-year agreement and beyond, serving Somers Solar Center and the people of Connecticut well."
  The system's solar modules offer an effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which scientists regard as a primary contributor to climate change. Somers Solar Center will produce more than 10,200 megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean, renewable electricity annually, with a carbon impact equal to reducing oil consumption by 16,779 barrels ? or taking 1,503 cars off the road.

  Kyocera International Inc., a North American holding company for Kyocera companies including Kyocera Solar, in collaboration with CleanPath, a San Francisco-based clean energy project company, financed and developed Somers Solar Center before transferring ownership and operation to Dominion, one of the largest U.S. producers and transporters of energy. Prime Solutions Inc., a Connecticut-based engineering, procurement and construction company, designed and built the system using 23,150 Kyocera 320-watt solar modules.

Somers Solar Center occupies 50 acres in north-central Connecticut, roughly four miles south of the Massachusetts state line.

The project represents a new solar project development business strategy for Kyocera and the continuation of Dominion's commitment to a diversified portfolio of renewable energy.

  Kyocera is in the process of developing and financing more solar projects like this one using its four decades of experience in providing reliable, efficient solar energy solutions.
  "As a $13.6 billion global enterprise that has been profitable throughout its 54-year history, Kyocera is leveraging its financial strength to develop and finance solar projects under highly attractive terms," Hill continued.
  "This new business model enables Kyocera to offer its high-quality modules and unmatched track record to customers at very competitive rates."

Kyocera's new status as a U.S. solar project developer follows the precedent it set in Japan, where it owns and operates a 70MW solar installation in Kagoshima, and is in the process of building 30 to 35 additional smaller-scale solar projects to provide an additional 60 to 70MW of renewable generating capacity.

  In November 2013, Kyocera and Madison School District in Phoenix, Ariz., inaugurated a 1.6MW solar energy project that will offset over 60 percent of the school district's annual electricity consumption.



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Solar Panel

 投稿者:jameyhsu  投稿日:2014年 1月 7日(火)17時57分27秒


Solar Panel

  Product Specifications/Features:

  Maximum Power: 250W

  Optimum Power Voltage: 51.80 V

  Optimum Operating Current: 4.83 A

  Open Circuit Voltage: 61.10 V

  Short Circuit Current: 5.16

  Cell Efficiency(%): 17.66

  Module Efficiency (%): 14.80

  Tolerance Vattage: 0~+3%

  Solar Cell: 125mm*125mm Mono

  Number of Celler (pcs): 8*12

  Size of Module (mm): 1600*1056*40

  Front Glass Thickness: 3.2mm

  Surface Maximum Load Capacity: 2400~5400Pa

  Allowable Hail Load: 23m/s, 7.53g

  Weight Per Piece: 19.5 KG

  Junction Box Type: Pass the TUV Certificate

  Bypass Diode Rating: 12A

  Cable & Connector: Pass the TUV Certificate

  Frame (Material Corners, etc): 40#

  Backing (Brand Type): TPT

  Temperature Range: -40℃ to +85℃

  Warranty: 25 year limited power warranty; 10 year limited product warranty.

  Packing: Wooden Box

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 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2012年 2月24日(金)16時10分32秒